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The Gatineau Fish and Game Club is located on a high ridge between Lac 31 Mille and Lac Pemichangan, in the Gatineau Hills. It is only about 114 kilometres northwest of Ottawa, but members never measure the journey in kilometres. That is because there is something very special (some might say magical) about the Club that cannot be mapped

Maybe it's the history

The Club was founded in 1894 by Canadian and American sportsmen, enthusiastic fishermen and hunters who loved the wilderness and had the vision and determination to protect it. The Club House itself was built by members of the local community, skilled craftsmen who created a wonderful building in a majestic setting, with clear views down two lakes. Now, five generations later, members and their families and friends, many of them descendants of those first sportsmen and craftsmen, meet at that same lodge to enjoy the same views, dine together, and, more likely than not, tell some of the same old stories. 

Maybe it's the sense of community

For generations, the Club has provided a special haven to our members, their extended families and their friends. Now, members come not only from 31 and Pemichangan, but from Lac Heney and Lac Edja as well. They all come not only for dinners and social events, but for the relationships that grow stronger each summer. For children, the Club camp offers a chance to build friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Above all, it's our lakes and forests

GF&GC members  understand just how precious our lakes and forests are, and do what they can to preserve the natural beauty around them. Care of the environment remains a critically important concern and focus of all our members. They are determined to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the health of the water, the flora and the fauna. The GF&GC endeavours to work with lake associations, and with municipal and provincial bodies to monitor and improve the health of our environment, and to minimize our impact on it. 




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